Interior life πŸ˜‡

Every person has internal business going on. No one sees, but this inner life need to be feed. In this case, he has a plant in his interior, and he carries it along the city.

Life is so delicate, it must be treated with care to flourish one day. But not because its fragility, it will become a thin bush. If the seed inside grows continuously, it will go higher and higher, reach the character’s head, pass throw the eyes and beyond (see the image). Eventually it will grow far away to the stars. But in order to grow, the owner need to take care of it. Three conditions are needed:

  1. Water
  2. Substrate (earth)
  3. Light, preferably by the sun (I have heard of weird cases that go with other kinds)

Who knows what is the interior activity this person. He maybe thinking on his kids, or something weirs like the craters in the third moon?. In this painting, done in acrylic in 2018, stars represent its goal, maybe something dreamed or desired. Maybe the goal of this plant is to become a tree. However, life is not so pink. Isn’t it? I get 30% commission