Male role 👨🏻

One hundred fifty years ago, a woman named Myra Bradwell brought a Supreme Court case claiming a constitutional right to be admitted to the Illinois bar. She had passed the state’s bar exam with high honors, but the Illinois Supreme Court refused her application, saying that when the State Legislature gave the court the power to grant law licenses, “it was with not the slightest expectation that this privilege would be extended to women.”

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Church has also, not a favoritism, but established a role for man as the family´s head. Dads should take relevant decisions such as where to live, how many children would compose the family, and so on. They should provide an income, preferably a stable one; and this duty alone, will take them 8/5 (8 hours per day, 5 days a week) on the average. I don’t think this imposed role for dads as heads have damaged our societies; on the contrary, families continue to succeed even in this pandemic times.

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