Blockchain blocks, for sale?? ⛓️

Many things in this mysterious universe have a start and ending, like a ruler, or a stick, like a stone. But also concepts like months and seasons have initial and end dates. We can join the edges: start and end, starting and ending together again, starting and ending and so on… like in an immense chain of repeated signals only computers can handle.

The new trend is about this: about the constantly linking in a chain, a chain of blocks of bytes. Imagine an immense string of data represented by ones and zeroes, that is what in crypto-world we call: the Blockchain (obviously much more complicated).

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Nowadays, titanic amounts of information can be stored in the cloud, accessed in nanoseconds in any point of the globe. Someone can be at Miami, crawl through a resource stored in Philippines, and get the image, file or whatever the resource is. Not to mention that if its available for sale, at a reasonably fair price, it can be ordered and received via FedEx, UPS, DHL, or any packaging system that would assure the delivery, in a matter of days. All this is possible thanks to digital technology, which have evolved from previous generations, who had to deal with stores and previous than that stores were not self service…

There is a revolution in the digital era, it is called cryptography: a science about cyphering information, so that it is only understandable by the owner. Techniques like issuing a public and a private key were born. With them one can encrypt information, secured, so if it reaches malicious hands, the information cannot be understood, cannot be read.

Now that the Blockchain exists, that Bitcoin exists, Ethereum, Polkadot, etc; all humans (not only Catholics being kings with technology under our service) can take advantage of it. As with many things in these modern times, we are shifting our traditional way of thinking, finding fresh and open marketplaces like the crypto-world. Even when I dislike the infinite rows of megabytes in Bitcoin’s ledger, it would be sloppy not to use cryptocurrencies, not to build artistic NFTs.

Thinking in block making, in all these tokens like Bitcoin and Ethereum, and the binary chains they create (that is why it is called the Blockchain), I remembered about own blocks, the ones I designed. Unlike those digital ledgers, these are physical blocks, pretty weighted squares. I designed them in my free time, for the fun of doing it; and are used to keep desks in order, to stop papers from flying around, when the fan is on, or in a windy situation. Important information could be lost, and it is better to be prepared to unpredictable events:

Designs by JAM (me), for sale

There is this story of a young man that lost his birth certificate when was lying over his desk. He had to stand long hours in the line to obtain a copy of it. Don’t let this happen to you. To keep your desks ordered, clean, and in breath comfort when seeing it. look for this embellishment online, tell me if you like one.

This pandemic opens doors to different ways in faith (not only in business). As stated in the documents, there will be a new role of cathedrals and churches. They used to be buildings for people to attend service. This way settled in, and parishioners could translate to the building by walking, in antique villages. People could go to the astonishing House of God, an immense temple where masses were celebrated, with beautiful stained glass windows, and tall pillars.

Those times seem faded away. Even Though its essence prevails (the essence is Christ’s message), the forms of religion change and need to be updated. In this violent world, people start to reconsider what is religion all about? Is it about going to mass on sundays? Is it about loving God and people? How are we managing it with this pandemic?

BTW, in these times where we cannot stand near one another in church, I use to watch the mass on youTube. It may not be the best solution, but it have worked. There are also tons of prayer videos, available by clicking on it. They can be of help when trying to pray. As Saint Theresa of Jesus said, praying is talking to God, as a casual chat without fancy words, just speak to the one who loves us. So a video usually helps me to enter the mood. 🖐🏻🙋🏻‍♀️🖐🏻


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