Workout and Chill

Even if I dislike it, I am still a fan of the no pain no gain idea. Perfect bodies, supermodel faces, are shown on TV series; saddening us who compare and find that we are different. There is no workaround, for such dexterity we will need to go to the gym…

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Not everybody was born with abilities as squirrel does. Training is not the difficult part, but to be constant on it, returning each morning, or evening, with the same enthusiasm and a fresh sensation.

Thanks to God, we have a body to do exercise. Thanks to God, we have a next day to work out. Because not everybody have a next morning, and for sure, one day we wouldn’t have it ourselves. Borned we all were, and happiness we most had. Are we prepared to face death? Having a Catholic faith is an advantage everyone should have, specially in those realizing moments…

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In any job, a payment is exchanged for the effort of doing the work. As a professional literate however, writing is like chilling. One has free time, all day, every day. A condition that is very common is in those circumstances is ignoring what to write. This is what we call “facing a white paper”. When one doesn´t know how to start, one has reached a perfectly ready state… ready to start. No one knows what is going to happen…

Is like fishing in this sense: waiting for an unexpected pull, caught it and place it in the laptop. How to place it is a manufacturer-writing labor, decide what to do with an idea, arrange it so that it progress in a smooth mood. All of these requires to slow down. As Axel Rose would sing (in another context): “all we need is just a little patience”.

Slowing down is a must when writing for the internet. I had to slow down when making this painting too…. Finally, if options disappear, or if I had to chose between chilling or working out, I prefer chilling 😇

My painting