Life turned out to be different after a risky surgery, I had years ago. This episode left me thinking in the fragility of experiences, and the beautiful times we have had until now. In an instant, circumstances can fully turn 180 degrees, which made us question our long endeavors. Answers can be found in Jesus, however it has to be put into practice to corroborate. Otherwise our thinking will produce no outcome. Indeed, when living accordingly, one will get 100 times what we gave; in this life, and an eternal life later…

Nowadays, there is a wide variety of ideas about spiritual life. There is an abundant supply of doctrines more attractive than Church’s, specially with the New Age. With time one learns that Jesus teachings, his original message, prevail with better results. Even when scriptures are less attractive at first, they speak with truthfulness; and call us to believe, to have new hope.

Reflecting on His message, and more importantly, putting it into action, following some charisma in a congregation or group, practicing sacraments; helps us to feel more confident in the spiritual path, more included in God’s creation… In simple words, I constantly feel better by putting into action His word, because it is based on the truth, actually the Truth is himself, and we feel better, actually are better, when in harmony with our nature.

As about me, I am an artist living in the Caribbean Mexico, with a technological background, and two brain surgeries. Spiritual life is important for me, may be as important as painting and writing, or as working as an artist. As catholic, I do not pretend to give spiritual instruction, neither to say perfect words accurate to all circumstances. This is just a blog. I actually show items for sale, because we all need an income somehow. I hope you enjoy my paintings and writings as much as I did while making them. Have a good day!

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