Why I think you should Baptize your baby bornes?

Baptism is the greatest gift I have received because it opened for me the door to heaven. The door to a place that is eternal, an eternal bless that is more that I could ever aspire. Who knows if working my whole life could grant me a bit of heaven…

I feel thankful for this blessing and wish to share it to babies. Because they, being not able to discern by themselves, have the right to be educated. Their parents may want to transmit the most valuable to their children, opening the door to this full-time happiness.

Catholicism is also cross; so later in life, when being able to chose by themselves, they will freely decide their path. They already started with the right foot, and a choice will be required. There are plenty of offerings -either spiritual or not spiritual- out there; so when the time comes, they will have to decide. And whatever their decision, God will keep loving them. Life will go on: the Sun will keep shining, and they will be still breathing 🤪.

Is Buddhist Enlightment a valid goal?

Enlightment is a concept, a Buddhist idea or goal that works in theory: a desired perfect state of mind, which in practice becomes not so simple. For years as a practitioner, I tried every day to attain enlightment. I was rewarded with moments of peace, just moments.

As the practitioner I was, now that I have seen both parts, the Buddhist and the Catholic; I think different now. The correct approach to get this desired satisfaction, instead of training the mind through meditation, would be to take care of others, by charity. This is a different approach, so extremely different that it may seem aimed toward a different goal. But it is practically the same the goal, at least in what is possible to attain: to live in a better state of well-being, something similar as heaven.

What for do you want a perfectly silent mind? Is it possible to attain peace of mind with our present world? Is meditation the right way to go for it, or is it by helping others?

With His 62nd Home Run, Aaron Judge Stands Alone in A.L.

It is always fun, to write down of the number of Home Runs each player scores in the season. The most important Home Run I made, was in a trip to Europe, then I converted to Catholicism. It was a Home Run because of the life-change decisions I took. It wasn’t a matter of virtue, or me achieving goals in a devastating effort. It was just caused by luck. I was lucky going to Bosnia and Herzegovina, and in Medjugorje found the path I was looking for. That was a full house Home Run. The whole stadium stand up, my inner stadium… ha ha ha, at least in my imagination 🤩

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Biden Administration Considering Humanitarian Parole Program for Venezuelans

Humanitarian aid is always given between countries. We help each other, even when we have our differences. Moving, connecting and solving situations distinguish us as humans. Put our neurons to work, to help in circumstances; and momentary forget one’s important issues. Lets join forces and work for a better stance, in this our transitory world.

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Clean Energy Projects Surge After Climate Bill Passage

Photo by Sebastian Voortman on Pexels.com

A new ocean of opportunities arise and we see His open magnificence, His intelligence that prevented. It is clearer, we can build our civilization based, instead on petroleum, on green energy. Money and the stock market will be affected too, being part of the game. Electric cars will move us, solar panels will heat our water… It would be nice if we have known it before, we could have done much good to the environment. Too much “bla bla bla”, it is time to fix it, our Earth is still alive! God is on our side, and life goes on…

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Protecting the Peatlands of Ireland as Fuel Costs Skyrocket

Cost of fuel Skyrocket. Lets use green energy that preserve the environment. Computers also save us time, and connect us with the web. These are cheap compared to the benefits. I can see the aid of God in various ways. However, we have to stop for a moment, to see God’s intervention. Who would win, in this race for progress?

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com and title from here

Three stars for a new East Village restaurant

Eating is my favorite activity. Wheather in North Carolina, or in East Village, people love to eat. It is also known that “you can’t have your cake and eat it too”. That would be too much. Sharing is a good idea, specially with those who cannot pay you back. A wise philosophy will consider sharing. Share when possible, any of the things received from the Creator, seem in most occasions a good idea.

Image by @letsgetlost_ai

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Could She Afford a Manhattan Studio?

She may work full time, or may have access to the money without working. Maybe she inherited a rich scenario, a bunch of properties in New York, privileged actions in the stock market, a consortium of luxury hotels around the globe. We are as lucky as her, having inherited an eternity in a place like heaven, a better location can not be imagined. Not just a weekend, or a vacation. Not even a whole lifetime… We only have to fulfill His Will…

Image by @faybelarts, with the aid of MidJourney, an Artificial Intelligence bot.

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Paw Patrol: An Ultimate Rescue

Photo by u0410u043bu0435u043au0441u0430u043du0434u0430u0440 u0426u0432u0435u0442u0430u043du043eu0432u0438u045b on Pexels.com

Rider: “PAW Patrol, it’s time for an Ultimate Rescue!”. These words illustrate our kids attitude when watching the show. They enjoy it so much, even with a super simple setting: group of dogs protecting the town, solving problems and having fun… Simple as child’s life.

Kids need to constantly have fun, and they actually have it even in front of the TV. I like this cartoon, because with some elements: a mission, a couple of characters other than the patrol; they generate so much entertainment. This is actually the purpose, to entertain beyond the screen… Secondary gains, like profits from the trademark, sales of toys, and so on will be consequent.

Good things grow, same as their earnings. So why not create an NFT of this awesome cartoon (the created NFT can be seen here). The digital art may not be the same as expected, but that is the fun of NFTs. I have been dedicating myself to NFT for a couple of months with astounding results, even for me.

Yesterday I chose two public figures: Prince Harry of England, and Reese Witherspoon from the big screen, and made a moving NFT. I used the Wombo Apo for mobile devices: because yes, I minted the NFT with my celular phone (it was not complicated). You may remember these faces mixed in the computer:

As you know, NFTs are originals whose authenticity is verified with a public key. They are stored in the blockchain with an IPFS address, (what is an IPFS address?). They can be owned with crypto. Many tutorials are out there, here are more examples I made with the same app:

Watch him sing by clicking
click to see NFT
Moving NFT
Meme NFT

Unpredictable things happen when creating NFTs. Prediction can make a situation repetitive or boring… I surprise myself in this essay about bouncing footballs (which reboot in unexpected directions). Another post I wrote about an unpredictable weird item is this “guaje”. What is a “guaje” anyway? Hahahaha believe me, you won’t die if you ignore this word 🤣

Workout and Chill

Even if I dislike it, I am still a fan of the no pain no gain idea. Perfect bodies, supermodel faces, are shown on TV series; saddening us who compare and find that we are different. There is no workaround, for such dexterity we will need to go to the gym…

Photo by Maddie Franz on Pexels.com

Not everybody was born with abilities as squirrel does. Training is not the difficult part, but to be constant on it, returning each morning, or evening, with the same enthusiasm and a fresh sensation.

Thanks to God, we have a body to do exercise. Thanks to God, we have a next day to work out. Because not everybody have a next morning, and for sure, one day we wouldn’t have it ourselves. Borned we all were, and happiness we most had. Are we prepared to face death? Having a Catholic faith is an advantage everyone should have, specially in those realizing moments…

Photo by Gelatin on Pexels.com

In any job, a payment is exchanged for the effort of doing the work. As a professional literate however, writing is like chilling. One has free time, all day, every day. A condition that is very common is in those circumstances is ignoring what to write. This is what we call “facing a white paper”. When one doesn´t know how to start, one has reached a perfectly ready state… ready to start. No one knows what is going to happen…

Is like fishing in this sense: waiting for an unexpected pull, caught it and place it in the laptop. How to place it is a manufacturer-writing labor, decide what to do with an idea, arrange it so that it progress in a smooth mood. All of these requires to slow down. As Axel Rose would sing (in another context): “all we need is just a little patience”.

Slowing down is a must when writing for the internet. I had to slow down when making this painting too…. Finally, if options disappear, or if I had to chose between chilling or working out, I prefer chilling 😇

My painting

Roger Federer’s tribute

“There he was, a surprise, perhaps the biggest of this Wimbledon fortnight: Roger Federer in the flesh Sunday on Centre Court. As always, he looked handsome and freshly pressed. But instead of his tennis whites, Federer wore a trim, dark suit to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Centre Court”. He didn’t play. At eagle speeds, he is recovering from a right knee surgery, hoping to be ready for next year’s edition.

Always referring the name Roger Federer, we point towards elegance. Not only in Wimbledon, (were wearing white is an oficial rule) but in many aspects, and remember that he won 5 Wimbledon’s cups in a row, until Rafael Nadal took his place, in a 5 hours 2008’s final match. There are also other memorable occasions, seen in old-TVs by our parents, grandparents, or why not, by ourselves. Times, like when he appeared as a long haired junior, against Pete Sampras; or when he won his first Wimbledon, in 2003. Anyway, in a regular match or in the final, being elegant is a characteristic of excellence, a behavior esquisite of outstanding cotenants, like him.

Roger Federer said he will return to the court: saying an uncertain “may be” which leave us also a poetic question mark. Like the Jedi, since Luke Skywalker was going to return with the rebels. Same said Jesus, he was supposed to return after going to heaven… With impatience, we have unfruitfully waited more than 2,000 years for His return, which is very little in terms of eternities. It might be just around 30 human lifes, or even less. Hasn’t the planet Earth endured much more millennials? Didn’t the dinosaurs lasted more? or didn’t it took eras for apes to evolve into cro-magnons (and then into humans)? Our little waiting is, therefore, trivial.

Photo by EUGENIO BARBOZA on Pexels.com
Roger Federer, see NFT here

Literal Analyzing a NY-Times article

Its title, because I won’t read the text -not a single line- reads: “A 2,700 Mile Cycling Race Is…” bla bla bla. The text is accompanied by a photo of gorgeous mountains crossed by a strong bicycle. A good picture like this should be an anticipation of the equally great text:

The use of a ‘y’ in “Cycling”, an rare letter, reminds me of strange languages from the opposite side of the world: those that use expanded alphabets. This ‘y’ is surrounded by two ‘c’s, and the three of them are consonants. Only one vowel for the whole word, an ‘i’ in the middle, as balancing both sides, which suggests the meaning of a “bicycle”.

I used this same “Cy” transition in my CyberDudes NFT collection, but I will tell you about it in another chance.

The title ends with a tricky term which kept me thinking over and over: “extreme”. I like this word, used by teenagers. I feel I have a young soul when reading it. Specially because it is accompanied by a large number of miles: ‘2,700’, with two ceros and even a comma grouping the first three digits. This bait in the title, leaved me a taste of: “I want to read more”

You know what, I changed my mind. I want to read this article. I will do it right now 😊.


Article at NYTimes: A 2,700-Mile Cycling Race Is Now Even More Extreme

my CyberDudes NFT collection

¿Que incluye “Tu Foto a NFT”?

  • Tu NFT inmutable, única y auténtica
  • Tokenización de tu foto
  • Tu página en los servidores de OpenSea.io
  • Impresión de tu NFT en Coroplast
  • Codigo QR de tu NFT
  • Envio del archivo digital .jpg a tu perfil o a tu buzón (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, email, etc)

¿Qué no incluye?

  • Cambios a la NFT
  • Venta ni promoción
  • Creación de una “wallet” (para tener criptomonedas, o hacer trading)

NO: Para hacer trading (compra/venta) de NFTs es necesario contar con una cartera de criptomonedas. Avísenos, en caso de tener la propia.

Opcionalmente, podemos crearte una cartera y enviarle tu NFT (por $500 adicionales)

Guía para comenzar con el Crypto y las NFTs

Usando Bitso y Metamask

Hola bienvenido al mundo del Crypto, Bitcoin, NFTs, etc! Para simplificarte las cosas, y que no tengas que dedicarle demasiado tiempo, he creado el programa “Tu foto a NFT”, donde no necesitas comprar cryptomonedas, sino que puedes contratarlo con pesos. Sin embargo, si quieres conocer a detalle como funciona el mundo del crypto, sigue esta guía. (Nota: Puede parecer compleja al inicio, pero el uso diario nos familiarizará con estos procesos actuales). Escucha el siguiente audio:

Lo primero para introducirte es abrir una cuenta en Bitso. Aquí podrás fondear tus pesos mexicanos, y con ellos comprar criptomonedas. Esto es para usuarios mexicanos, argentinos o brazileños, desconozco si Bitso opera en tu país. Sigue este tutorial:

Teniendo tu cuenta en Bitso, primeramente está en ceros; careces de liquidez. Por lo tanto debemos hacerle un depósito. Sugiero iniciar con un monto pequeño, ($150 MXN) para después aumentar la cantidad, cuando queramos. En la primera mitad de este video lo explica:

Ver hasta el minuto 4

Tu depósito fue realizado en pesos mexicanos, y puesto que las blockchains trabajan con criptomonedas, necesitamos convertirlos al token Ether (de la blockchain Ethereum). Convertir pesos a Ether, es lo mismo que comprar Ether con pesos. Aquí te explican como realizar este proceso (como comprar Ether en Bitso):

ver a partir del minuto 8:30

Listo. Puesto que tienes Ether en Bitso, el último paso es moverlo a tu cartera (ya que Bitso es un Exchange y no una cartera). Puedes crear una gratuitamente con Metamask, para entonces realizar diferentes transacciones como: compraventas de NFTs, listados, subastas, regalos, etc. Todo esto cuesta dinero, en Ether, que almacenarás en tu cartera (y que tuviste que fondear en Bitso). Sigue este paso a paso para crear tu cartera:

ver los primeros 3:30 minutos

Con la cartera creada, vamos a mandar el Ether de Bitso a Metamask…. (recuerda, no puedes mandar pesos a Metamask, debes mandar crypto)

Ya está. En este tutorial aprendiste:

  • Crear una cuenta en Bitso
  • Depositar dinero a tu cuenta
  • Convertir tu dinero en Ether
  • Crear una cartera en Metamask
  • Mandar tu Ether a Metamask

Tú decidarás que hacer con tu dinero, con tu Ether, en Metamask. El marketplace más importante de NFTs es OpenSea, donde puedes subir, comprar y vender NFTs tuyas y de terceros. Las del programa “Tu foto a NFT” están en la colección CyberDudes, misma que puedes verla aquí:

Para ahorrarte este proceso de Bitso y Metamask, ofrezco el programa: “Tu Foto a NFT”; en pesos, y usando una cartera mía…

What do God gains from our worship? 🙏🏻

Photo by David Eucaristu00eda on Pexels.com

Conceiving of a God who needs us to go to Mass on Sundays is a misunderstanding; making Him look vain and selfish. This could lead parishioners to reject the Church and its followers. And the truth is far from this idea. God is already glorious in himself and does not need our help for this. He gains nothing from our worship, and in any case, it is us who could benefit.

It is fair to recognize the One who deserves it. To acknowledge God, who created beauty and grace, is an act of justice. And don’t we feel good when acting right? This is one of the reasons why we feel happy and confident after worship. I want to point out that worshiping the wrong God, from different traditions, or like the golden idols spoken of in Scripture, is not good. I invite you to a regular adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, held occasionally in most Catholic churches, to see the difference and draw your conclusions. 👋🏻

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Is the creator Jesus? ✝

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Because the universe is finely orchestrated, people have arguments to think that there is a Creator. Catholics named this Creator God, and claim that exists in 3 personas who are the same. The second of this Trinity is Jesus, also called the Sun. So there is the Father, the Sun and the Holy Spirit, and because They are the same, it is correct to say that Jesus is the Creator.

A Prayer in Difficult Times

Photo by Maria Orlova on Pexels.com

Even though it is recommended to pray with simple words and sincere ideas; I occasionally assist myself with this video: “Prayer in Difficult Times”. I find it practical to follow its inspiring voice, and complement it with my own made-up-in-the-moment prays. A transcript of each prayer is below (you can turn on the captions if you prefer):

Confort me in suffering

Loving God, I pray that you will comfort me in my suffering. Lend skill to the hands of my healers, and bless the means used for my cure. Give me such confidence and the power of your grace, that even when I am afraid I may put my whole trust in you, through my savior Jesus Christ. Amen

Patience in Sickness

Lord Jesus Christ by your patience and suffering you hallowed the earthly pain and gave us the example of obedience to your father’s will, be near my time of weakness and pain. Sustain me by your grace, that my strength and courage may not fail. Heal me according to your will, and help me always to believe that what happens to me here is of a little account if you hold me in eternal life, my lord and my god. Amen.

Eyes of mercy

Lord, look upon me with eyes of mercy. May your healing hand rest upon me. May your life-giving powers flow into every cell of my body; and into the depths of my soul; cleansing, purifying, restoring me to wholeness and strength for service in your kingdom. Amen.

Quiet Mind, Expectant heart

Merciful Jesus, you are my guide the joy of my heart, the author of my hope, and the object of my love. I come seeking refreshment and peace; show me your mercy. Relieve my fears and anxieties. and grant me a quiet and an expectant heart; that by the assurance of your presence, I may learn to abide in You, Who is my Lord and my God. Amen.

Prayer For Self-Care

Lord, lift me up for your blessings today. I pray that you will anoint me strength and self-care today, tomorrow, and always. I pray that you will grace me with patience and wisdom. I pray that you will encourage me throughout the day; to take the correct steps to walk proudly, and to behave well. I pray all of these things in your name. Amen

Healing A Broken Heart

Lord, please heal my broken heart. Fill me with peace and joy. I know can only come from you during this hard time. Walk closely besides me during my journey to healing and recovery that I know it is only possible through your power alone; in Jesus name. Amen.

Healing From The Past

Blessed Jesus, in the comfort of your love, I lay before you the memories that haunt me, the anxieties that perplex me, the despair that frightens me, and my frustration at the inability to think clearly. Help me to discover your forgiveness in my memories, and to know your peace in my distress. Touch me, oh Lord, and fill me with your light and your hope. Amen.

I Believe

Dear God, I know that the first step in all spiritual healing is to believe. I believe. I open my mind and heart believing in your infinite power and possibility. I believe that healing is a dynamic and reachable experience: a reality that can be experienced right now. I maintain a patient and loving attitude, for I believe that your healing activity is now at work in my mind and body. I look forward with joyful expectation to the perfect wholeness that you are now bringing into manifestation through me. I believe in your constant expression of perfect good at and through me. I rest in the certainty of your healing power. I know that with you all things are possible; in Jesus Christ name, Amen.

Prayer For Mental Healing

Jesus I know that when you walked on the earth, you trot upon hard places. You felt the strain of this world and the pressures of mental torment. So I ask that you would come besides me now. Lead me through this time where my mind cannot cope. Help me to find peace and calming inner thoughts. You hold me safe lord. I trust in you. Amen.

Healing Prayer Of Surrender

Dear Lord, it is my will to surrender to you everything that I am, and everything that I am striving to be. I open the deepest recesses of my heart and invite your holy and invite your holy spirit to dwell inside of me. I offer you my life, heart, mind, body, soul, and spirit. I surrender to you my past, present, and future problems. I ask you to take hold over every aspect of my life. I surrender to you all my hurt, pain, worry, doubt, fear, and anxiety; and I ask you to wash me clean. I release everything into your compassionate care. Please speak to me clearly Lord. Open my ears to hear your voice. Open my heart to commune with you deeply. I want to feel your loving embrace. Open the doors that need to be opened, and close the doors that need to be closed. Please set my feet upon the straight and narrow road that leads to everlasting life, Amen.

Healing With Your Creative Hand

Jesus, with just one touch from your almighty creative hand, You have healed the sick and raised the dead. How amazing is your lordship all over the earth. How powerful is your redeeming love. How great was your sacrifice to go before us and bring forgiveness and hope. By your stripes, I ask for healing. Standing within your reign and rule, I ask for restoration. May life and wellness grow in fullness until it overflows. Amen.

Renew My Mind, Body and Soul

Lord, I come before you today, in need of your healing hand. In you all things are possible. Hold my heart within yours, and renew my mind, body and soul. I am lost, but I am singing. You gave us life, and you also gave us the gift of infinite joy. Give me the strength to move forward onto the path you have laid out for me. Guide me towards better health, and give me the wisdom to identify those you’ve placed around me, to help me get better. In your name I pray, Amen.

From Bad Comes Good

Heavenly Father, it hurts so bad! Build the pain with your love. Blur the sharp edges by reminding me that from bad comes good. Help me appreciate that after the sorrow, joy is sweeter. I look forward to better times. I can endure anything with you by my side, Amen.

Blessing Prayer for Another’s Healing

May you desire to be healed. May what is wounded in your life be restored to good health. May you be receptive to the ways in which healing needs to happen. May you take good care of yourself. May you extend compassion to all that hurts within your body, mind and spirit. May you be patient with the time it takes to heal. May you be aware of the wonders of your body, mind and spirit an the ability in returning you to good health. May you be open to receive from those who extend kindness, care and compassion to you. May you rest peacefully under the sheltering wings of divine love, trusting in this gracious presence. May you find little moments of beauty and joy to sustain you. May you keep hope in your heart, Amen.

Restoration and Trust

Lord of heaven, I rest underneath your mighty wings of love. I dwell within your gentle heart. I know there is healing in your touch. Through the sufferings of Christ. I can ask for restoration and trust in your goodness. You are my lord, my savior, my healer and my friend. I dwell within your gentle embrace, Amen.

Prayer for the Trials of Life

Lord Christ, you came into the world as one of us, and suffered as we do. As I go to the trials of life, help me to realize that you are with me at all times, and in all things. That I have no secrets from you and that your loving grace enfolds me for eternity. In the security of your embrace I pray. Amen.

Prayer for the Sick

May you be wrapped-up in God’s love. Founded deep in his everlasting wings. Carried, and kept safe, and cherished. May the healing power of Christ breath across your being now. Amen.

Broken Hearted Prayer

Heavenly Father, there is a pain implanted in my heart that doesn’t seem to go away. It has crushed me, it aches, I can no longer bear it. This pain of the past consumes my thoughts daily. It hurts so much, Father: these tears that fall along to see joy once again. Give me peace in my heart, please. I am crying out to you. Hear my prayer, Amen.

Divine Physician

Dear Jesus, divine physician and healer of the sick, we turn to you in this time of illness. Oh dearest comforter of the troubled, alleviate our worry and sorrow with your gentle love, and grant us the grace and strength to accept this burden. Dear god, we place our words in your hands; we place our sick under your care, and humbly ask that you restore your servant to health again. Above all, grant us the grace to acknowledge your will; and know that whatever you do, you do it for the love of us. Amen.


VIDEO: Prayer in Difficult Times – youTube video from God with us

How to Pray: the Beginner’s Guide | Cru

Catholic Prayers – Xavier University

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Why I chose Catholicism instead of Buddhism❓

I have practiced both Catholicism, and Buddhism. I had also gone through other systems like Taoism, Yoga, Reiki and more. But at the end I preferred Catholicism. This is my opinion in this important topic:

Catholicism is a faith, which began in Jesus, who said I am the Truth. Buddhism, on the other hand, is an interesting philosophy, an intelligent system with outstanding thinking. In fact, explanations and narratives can be more stimulating in Buddhism than in Catholicism. But the Buddha is not the Lord. As you can see, this is a different conception, a different view which cannot be compared.

If we focus only on the material world without God’s acting; or to say it differently, if we think only in matter and its consequences, as buddhism claims, we end up with a temporarily world that will pass away, with no meaning and no higher purpose. Life on the contrary, our world is full of purpose, God is in everything, in every movement. Life is vast and rich, with grace all around. There is grace in the sun and in the air. God is in the creatures and also in humans. There is an immense complexity in all the ecosystems, in living entities, even in observable landscapes. Intelligent order like this doesn’t happen alone out of nothing. There has to be a Creator, there is one.

And most important is to test it for yourself. If you are from a different tradition (as the buddhist I was before) , I encourage you to test Catholicism. See what happens with the sacraments. No one can tell you that this is good or bad; look for yourself. You can always come back if it doesn’t convince you. Or it could occur what happened to me, when I went to Medjugorge within a group: I liked it, I preferred it, and I converted. Try it for a month, I think it is worth a lifetime! 😀


Catholicism and Buddhism – Clearing Up the Confusion

Catholicism and Buddhism: Compatible Beliefs?
By Peter Mirus, Aug 29, 2006


Catholicism and Mindfulness: Compatible practices or contrary spiritualities?
The Catholic World Report

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Why I chose Catholicism instead of Christianism❓

Why Catholicism instead of other Christian churches? Mainly because of the palpable presence of Christ in the sacraments, especially in the Eucharist and Reconciliation. Its beauty is objective and and verifiable by anyone. I invite you to a public adorations of the Blessed Sacrament, so that you can see for yourself the cleanliness and freedom that comes from contemplation.

A more intelectual explanation is to consider its structure. Catholic Mass consists of two parts, the human part with readings and prayers, and second part on God’s action. What really matters is the second. The same goes for confession. One part is the human, so a human priest has to give you absolution; but the true work is done by God, who forgives sinners. So, if someone from another language enters the confessional, as could happen in Medjugorje; even if the priest doesn’t understand the language, or if he doesn’t really understand the sinner’s behavior; when he confesses, sins are forgiven. This cannot be subjective, in fact I feel good after each confession, and after communions. This is lacking in other Churches; and cannot be substituted by reading the scripture. I encourage you to believe in the sacraments 🙂

Catholicism can have flaws, who doesn’t. But it have prevailed for centuries, don’t you think this is sustained by God?


Roman Catholicism | Definition, Beliefs, History, & Facts.

One true Church

Catholicism is God’s one and only true religion. Why don’t …

How do we know Catholicism is the true religion?

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Blockchain blocks, for sale?? ⛓️

Many things in this mysterious universe have a start and ending, like a ruler, or a stick, like a stone. But also concepts like months and seasons have initial and end dates. We can join the edges: start and end, starting and ending together again, starting and ending and so on… like in an immense chain of repeated signals only computers can handle.

The new trend is about this: about the constantly linking in a chain, a chain of blocks of bytes. Imagine an immense string of data represented by ones and zeroes, that is what in crypto-world we call: the Blockchain (obviously much more complicated).

Photo by Joey Kyber on Pexels.com

Nowadays, titanic amounts of information can be stored in the cloud, accessed in nanoseconds in any point of the globe. Someone can be at Miami, crawl through a resource stored in Philippines, and get the image, file or whatever the resource is. Not to mention that if its available for sale, at a reasonably fair price, it can be ordered and received via FedEx, UPS, DHL, or any packaging system that would assure the delivery, in a matter of days. All this is possible thanks to digital technology, which have evolved from previous generations, who had to deal with stores and previous than that stores were not self service…

There is a revolution in the digital era, it is called cryptography: a science about cyphering information, so that it is only understandable by the owner. Techniques like issuing a public and a private key were born. With them one can encrypt information, secured, so if it reaches malicious hands, the information cannot be understood, cannot be read.

Now that the Blockchain exists, that Bitcoin exists, Ethereum, Polkadot, etc; all humans (not only Catholics being kings with technology under our service) can take advantage of it. As with many things in these modern times, we are shifting our traditional way of thinking, finding fresh and open marketplaces like the crypto-world. Even when I dislike the infinite rows of megabytes in Bitcoin’s ledger, it would be sloppy not to use cryptocurrencies, not to build artistic NFTs.

Thinking in block making, in all these tokens like Bitcoin and Ethereum, and the binary chains they create (that is why it is called the Blockchain), I remembered about own blocks, the ones I designed. Unlike those digital ledgers, these are physical blocks, pretty weighted squares. I designed them in my free time, for the fun of doing it; and are used to keep desks in order, to stop papers from flying around, when the fan is on, or in a windy situation. Important information could be lost, and it is better to be prepared to unpredictable events:

Designs by JAM (me), for sale

There is this story of a young man that lost his birth certificate when was lying over his desk. He had to stand long hours in the line to obtain a copy of it. Don’t let this happen to you. To keep your desks ordered, clean, and in breath comfort when seeing it. look for this embellishment online, tell me if you like one.

This pandemic opens doors to different ways in faith (not only in business). As stated in the documents, there will be a new role of cathedrals and churches. They used to be buildings for people to attend service. This way settled in, and parishioners could translate to the building by walking, in antique villages. People could go to the astonishing House of God, an immense temple where masses were celebrated, with beautiful stained glass windows, and tall pillars.

Those times seem faded away. Even Though its essence prevails (the essence is Christ’s message), the forms of religion change and need to be updated. In this violent world, people start to reconsider what is religion all about? Is it about going to mass on sundays? Is it about loving God and people? How are we managing it with this pandemic?

BTW, in these times where we cannot stand near one another in church, I use to watch the mass on youTube. It may not be the best solution, but it have worked. There are also tons of prayer videos, available by clicking on it. They can be of help when trying to pray. As Saint Theresa of Jesus said, praying is talking to God, as a casual chat without fancy words, just speak to the one who loves us. So a video usually helps me to enter the mood. 🖐🏻🙋🏻‍♀️🖐🏻


A Crypto Optimist Meets a Crypto Skeptic
Katie Haun and I discuss the future cryptocurrency could create.
By ‘The Ezra Klein Show’, Oct 15, 2021

I Joined a Penguin NFT Club Because Apparently That’s What We Do Now
Is this what the metaverse looks like?
By Kevin Roose, Aug 12, 2021

Dolce & Gabbana Just Set a $6 Million Record for Fashion NFTs
It auctioned a nine-piece virtual/physical collection.
By Dana Thomas, Oct 4, 2021

12 EcoNFTs in the Algorand Ecosystem

As a Digital Artist, I am always moving from start to finish, or from finish to start, now making NFTs…. constantly having creations ready to include in the library, not to say list in auctions. Following are my latest artworks, and I will be uploading more, so to keep you up to date. Most of these NFTs were safely stored in the Algorand blockchain, so they will remain a trading property forever. They can be owned with the Algo Cryptocurrency, as well as sold or transferred. As an ecology lover artist, I point out that this Blockchain, Algorand, uses the PPoS algorithm, or in simple words, a working mechanism friendly to the environment. Carbon emissions in our case are low compared to other blockchains. Enjoy them, as white label NFTs!

One of my favorite desserts in French’s cuisine, specially for breakfasts, is the fabulous Croissant. This tasty pastry, or bread, can have a delicious smell like baked gardens. I chose rose and green to depict a smell, or how would you do it?

Pass Me The Croissant

Lets throw anything to the beast inside. Because stomachs can handle any kind of food, thrown at random order, at any rhythm and speed.

Food stomatch

Whatever a panda is up to, in its journey through the forest, is a mystery. Its way of thinking, maybe in chinesse, or in bears language, will always be a question mark ⁉

The mind of a Panda

While changing shoes, after a gym session, many of dilemmas pass through his mind. The text background cloud represents his endlessly thinking blockchain.

After working out

Finding a undiscoverable hiding place, is a must when crossing the frontier! Discovering an immigrant without a passport or documents is as easy as catching a baseball in an open field.

Immigration Catch

I remember this shoe-banging from my mom. However this is about Russian Premier Khrushchev banged his shoe on a desk of the United Nations (this happened around 60 years ago)

Banged Flip Flop

G.M.O. Glasses

Corns can jump to life when taking them into art. Here, in a fashion of colored dots, a cob wears glasses. It looks happy, actually smiles, as would do a scarecrow.

Runaway Train

Crossing the sound speed barrier is a reality in modern trains. Birds have to fly away fast, as to not be smashed and run over by the train.

Vaccine Ready

Finally we got an encounter with the real antidote, the actual substance manufactured in laboratories. A bar-code hides the liquid substance holding the cure

One of Those Days

Not every day is the perfect one. Situations happen when one prefers to runaway or to not witness anything. Unlike most of my work, this is a moving video clip, with sound and effects, frozen in the Ethereum Blockchain.

I cry on Tuesdays and Fridays

This pandemic hasn’t been easy for no one. Almost nobody likes it, anyway we have to support each other, taking care of those near us. Sometimes, it is okay to cry -inspired on a post of The New York Times.


Sweden’s Pancake

Honey and waves of syrup were redeem in this pancake. A butter squared top embelish the platillo. This NFT was also inspired by a post in The New York Times.

I have many more NFTs. You can follow me on twitter as @JoseDelPaso or @NFTGiveAways3 since, I continuously do giveaways. You can trade them simply, in a matter of seconds, and get easy profits in the growing white-label NFT market ✋🏻

65% commission

A New Chance to Switch Gears 🚙

The New York Times Reader’s Center is looking for inspiring people who prove it’s never too late to switch gears, change lifestyles and pursue dreams. They want to hear from people of all ages who are living according to their own timeline — in regards to career, education, athletic pursuits, family, friendships or another calling: People who learned to drive after the age of 40, found love after age 75 or finished a marathon at age 99.

Art is a good field to switch gears into, it doesn’t require the physical optimum, only time and wishes. Regular life is that busy, being a relief at certain age to move into another field, a more relaxing and creative one. It is never to late to use experience or knowledge; to face different issues; or to learn different skills. If there is free time and patience, he or she could become a good artist. For example I made this painting in acrylic, using a 47 X 31.5in canvas:

Original painting in canvas

Leaving alone the easel along with my initial inspiration, I then switched to my licensing knowledge: and holding the legal right of this artwork, transformed it into a product. So a painting originally in canvas, became a design ready in the computer, available to be replicated in products. As you saw in the canvas above, its theme was a sun with cactuses, which then were manufactured in this apron:

Manufactured product available here

You can see that the main theme corresponds to the figures in the canvas. There is the same sun and cactuses. This new way of making products its called POD (Print On Demand), meaning that there is no inventory. Whenever someone orders, the apron is cut and printed at that moment with the digital image, and sent to the buyer who already payed online. Products are good quality, totally new, without handling deterioration, nor transfer damages. It is a different business with thousand of artists around the globe making very interesting products…

Being satisfied with the final outcome, why not use my other paintings to make more aprons. As an artist, I paint every day and have many finished canvases in my studio. We photographed each one, caring about lighting and reflections, digitalized them, and made aprons, of varied sizes:

Designs by JAM (me), for sale

Aprons, clocks, cell cases, masks, mugs, and many products can be manufactured this way. Redbubble, the australian company, helps designers to promote their work. However one may not be interested in making business after all. OKay forget the money for a second, and focus on what we were talking about: changing gears.

I have switched gears in religion too, shifting again, my purpose of living. It is not the same to go to mass as a weekly routine, than to be an individualistic new-age practitioner (and I passed through both of them in this order). As an inherited catholic, I did duties because I had to: I used to forgive incidents but only with my voice, not in the heart.

I saw advantages in dropping church while I was a Buddhist and later switched to a Taoist; however I never founded satisfaction in these doctrines. I felt no peace and was running all the time, from one goal to the other. Of course, physical surgeries made me reflect on my acting, and a trip I took to Medjugorje, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and to Israel. I definitely turned back to The religion of love, to the same Jesus I knew as child, with a deeper understanding and embracing the faith. I have been in peace since then, and never regret of returning. I wish you good luck in switching Years, hahaha I mean GEARS…. Thanks for reading, I see you later 🖐🏻


Did You Switch Gears Later in Life? We Want to Hear from You.
June 16, 2021

Switching Gears to Retirement
If retirement looks like a vast wasteland awaiting you, here are some ways to find your bearings.
By Kerry Hannon, Sep 12, 2019

At Midcareer, an Artist Switches Gears
Article on and interview with painter Susan Rothenberg, whose 11 new paintings are on view at Sperone Westwater; photos by Amei Wallach, Oct 26, 1997,

https://JAMPaintings.redbubble.com I get 30% commission

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The new Blockchain ⛓️

Many things in the universe start and end, like a ruler, or a stick, like a stone. But also concepts like months and seasons have initial and end dates. We can join the edges: starting and ending, start and end like in an immense chain of bytes only computers can handle.

The new trend is about this: the constantly linking in a chain, a chain of blocks, or in crypto-world, the Blockchain.

Now that the Blockchain exists, that Bitcoin exists, Ethereum, Polkadot, etc; all humans (not only Catholics being kings with technology under our service) can take advantage of it.

As with many things in these modern times (pandemic and so on) we are shifting our traditional way of thinking, finding fresh and open marketplaces like the crypto-world. Even when I dislike the infinite rows of megabytes in Bitcoin’s ledger, it would be sloppy not to use cryptocurrencies, not to invest on NFTs.

Of course we wont use technology to become slaves of it, we will use it in a smart way 😄. The biggest tradeoffs against the blockchain technologies are their ecological impacts. And when browsing about them I got astonished…

The Internet is this giant source of information –insights are just an extension of it. Anybody can post anything, anytime. Even when lying, one will always find what it is searched for. Myself too collapsed with these videos, since I care about our planet:

Fortunately we have alternatives to save the environment from harmful side effects, of whose my favorite is the Algorand Blockchain. It is opensource, white label and environmental-friendly. Its founder, who works at MIT, made its Pure Proof of Stake algorithm, (something that drastically decreases carbon emissions, actually a similar algorithm will be in Ethereum 2, hopefully in 2022).

…I am still in the process of learning and testing this blockchain to upload my NFT’s collection. I will update this post in the coming months (if I God provides me enough health, obviously).

Time to Switch Gears 🚙

The New York Times Reader’s Center is looking for inspiring people who prove it’s never too late to switch gears, change lifestyles and pursue dreams. They want to hear from people of all ages who are living according to their own timeline — in regards to career, education, athletic pursuits, family, friendships or another calling: People who learned to drive after the age of 40, found love after age 75 or finished a marathon at age 99.

Designs by JAM (me), for sale

Most artists are used to this idea of switching gears. We do it in each artwork. For me it happens when painting and also when writing. I have switched gears in religion too, shifting my whole panorama. It is not the same to be an inherited catholic, a new-age practitioner, or a returned catholic (I passed through them in this order). As an inherited catholic, I did duties because I had to. I saw advantages in dropping it, but I never satisfied myself in new age’s doctrines. I felt no peace and was running all the time, from one place to the other. Of course, physical surgeries made me reflect on my acting, and a trip I took to Medjugorje, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and to Israel. I finally turned to a religion of love, the Catholicism I knew already, with a deeper understanding and embracing the faith. I wish you the same in your Trip, different for each person, in which religion and beliefs are upmost important.


Did You Switch Gears Later in Life? We Want to Hear from You.
June 16, 2021

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Not Vaccinated Kids 👦🏻🧒🏻

Leng Vong Reiff had just received her second dose of a Covid vaccine and thought guiltily of her two young, unvaccinated sons. Schools have reopened, and families with those under 12 are finding ways to get their kids inoculated, even though they’re not officially eligible yet. Like countless parents across the nation, she was searching for vaccine clinical trials, found one, applied and got a call back.

Designs by JAM (me), for sale

Wanting to vaccinate our children, is like baptizing them, being Catholic. Because it means the beginning of a better future –the one in heaven. Since parents want the best for their sons, it makes a lot of sense to provide this fundamental sacrament to babies, even when they haven’t learned to talk neither to reason as adults. Actually not baptizing them could be negligent, not allowing the most blessings.

On medical issues, there is always a second opinion. Some may argue that returning to school can be dangerous. If vaccination is not a legal option, the better could be to talk to our kids. I would remember them to keep their distance, teaching on how to do it. Depending their age, they could easily forget or get distracted when playing games. So try to avoid risks. Pandemic is not a game to play, not even in young citizens.


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Abba Music returns 🎼

Abba, which is reuniting after nearly 40 years, will released a new single, “Don’t Shut Me Down”. Their new album, “Voyage,” is due on Nov. 5 and quasi-concert dates are scheduled in London in May. Though the verses of “Don’t Shut Me Down” are about a woman surprising an ex with her return, the choruses also recognize the strangeness of Abba’s reappearance: “I’m not the one you know/I’m now and then combined”.

Designs by JAM (me), for sale

As the music band returns to action, it can’t be expected to have the same teenagers fans, but older ones with new learnings and understandings. Returning will be different, like all returning experiences. Catholics often recur to the parable of the prodigal son (about a son that returns home after spending all his fortune). His father received him with a big hug, and even threw a party on his return. He ordered to bring him new clothes and to cook food (to sacrifice a pork). God’s response could be similar as this father’s, because God is greater than what we think.


Abba Previews First Album in 40 Years, and 11 More New Songs
Hear tracks by Charli XCX, Bobby Shmurda, Japanese Breakfast and others.

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Luck in a workout ⛹🏻‍♀️

Doing a 7-Minute Workout seemed a safe routine. Then she wrote: “But my liftoff was misaligned, so that coming down I glanced off the edge of my step stool and hit the floor with my full weight on the side of my left foot.


After lying on my back for a few minutes, panting through self-recrimination and the bright crush of pain, I crawled to the phone and called my husband.”… she has got an injury. 

Designs by JAM (me), for sale

Surgeries can have long term consequences. An earthquake, or even a pandemic can show us that life changes in just a second. When I was a child in a Catholic school, the nuns never tired of telling us how lucky we were. Now I see it, we have free time to head ourselves to better places. We (Catholics) believe in Life Everlasting, in our given resurrection; this is what I mean by “better places”. Think of it as a new hope we have, attainable by loving people and God. Loving people means taking care of them by real actions. What else could we do with our free time?


Sometimes the Luck Is in the Fall
The author Ann Patchett finds that misfortune in small doses can cast a glittering light on the rest of life.

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Sushi bar reservation 🍣

Try to get a reservation at one of Manhattan’s luxury sushi bars and you’d never guess that the restaurant business is struggling. As I write this, you need to wait a week to experience one of Shion Uino’s $420 omakase meals at 69 Leonard StreetMasa, where lunch and dinner are now $800 a person, is almost fully booked for the next two weeks. At Sushi Noz, spots at both the counter of buffed hinoki wood, where dinner is $400, and the secondary bar made of ash, where it costs $225, are all but sold out for the next month.

Designs by JAM (me), for sale

This is our lucky road to heaven: our stance in Earth for the meanwhile, in which to select our favorite food, again, for the meanwhile. We live in this vast Eden of variety; with certain amount of time left, and having freedom available. Thanks to God for all those things and also for our intelligence, to discern how to play ones cards like in poker.


A Sushi Hideaway Where There’s Always Something New to Taste
A meal at Nakaji might start with icefish and end with watermelon. Then, if you can afford it, try a $300 shot of whiskey.

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Chicken tree sleeping 🐔

Earlier this year, I went out with someone who told me that chickens slept in trees. I refused to believe him, but our banter helped during a time when I was overwhelmed with grief from my grandmother’s passing. Things didn’t take flight with Chicken Man. Several months later, I spotted a fluffy white poof high up on a tree late one night. It was a hen I often see in my Singapore neighborhood. I laughed out loud to nobody in particular and thought of my grandmother, Chicken Man and how life affords us small moments of joy unexpectedly. — Shu Wen Chye

Image from the NY Times, link at the bottom

However, impossible things are possible to God, like in the Creation. I still keep figuring out how did the hen got there, up in that tree? Did the chicken flew? Surely it was free from her brooding, otherwise she wouldn’t be able to sleep like that. What if when dreaming, it moves or fells down… Once more, God surprises us with this animal creativity.

Designs by JAM (me), for sale


Tiny Love Stories: ‘I Laughed Out Loud to Nobody in Particular’
Modern Love in miniature, featuring reader-submitted stories of no more than 100 words.
Aug. 24, 2021

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Harvesting wild new species 🌾

The native perennial species of our meadows — milkweeds, asters, Joe Pye weed and others — will make one more offering in fall, as if they haven’t given enough already. They will offer up their seed. Gardeners can nurture the next generation by collecting some of it, and propagating more of their favorite wildflowers. But there’s a little wrinkle.

“Most land where it’s too wet or dry, or where a bird or mouse eats it.”, said Heather McCargo, who founded the nonprofit Wild Seed Project in Maine in 2014. The majority of seeds dispersed that way never become full-grown plants. But if you collect seeds in a timely manner and sow them in a protected way — using basic tactics like rodent-proofing the nursery bed with mesh sheeting — “you can have a plant from each seed,” she said. A small pinch of seed can yield 50 or more plants for your garden, or for a community planting at a school or park.

Designs by JAM (me), for sale

How many tales about harvesting were told by Jesus, in the form of parables: the story of the sower, the good or bad harvest, the mustard seed, the rich miser, and others. Because seeding and harvesting, were essential in those days and up to the present. Jesus wanted to contribute to people in their ordinary, day to day life. Establishing the Church as an institution was done later with years, enhancing new capabilities and benefits.


Growing Wildflowers Isn’t Difficult. And It’s Urgent.
In a shifting climate, with environmental diversity at risk, it’s never been more important to propagate native plants. Here’s how.


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Sponge’s skeleton ☠

At the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, cylindrical clusters of sponge jut upward like skyscrapers in the deep sea. The sponge’s glass skeleton is certainly a feat of architecture, comprising a geometric latticework that gives the sponge the illusion of being wrapped in lace. Yet it is enduringly sturdy, able to stay rooted in the sea floor and weather currents without snapping or splintering. Such structural superpowers leave many scientists eager to unravel whatever secrets this crystalline sponge contains

Designs by JAM (me), for sale

Sponges like this are the home of different ecosystems. Recently, we have been more conscient about the importance of having a home, specially with this pandemic. As Catholics, we pretend to defend life which is frugal and subtle, starting from the smallest group: the family. Family has proven to be robust and adaptable to ever changing scenarios, suited to raise children, protecting them from the amenities, false idols, and distractions of the outer world. Lets provide our kids with a proper environment for growing. 👍🏻


A Swirling Vortex Is No Match for This Deep-Sea Sponge
A new paper finds a glass sponge has the power to eliminate destructive vortices that are created when fluid moves around a blunt object.

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Ordinary Labors are Solutions to Catastrophes 🏆

After the attacks on the World Trade Center, Americans — and particularly New Yorkers — were told that we needed to go about our lives as we normally would to demonstrate to the terrorists that they hadn’t won. “For individuals, the most effective course of action they can take to aid our recovery is to be determined to go ahead with their lives. We can’t let terrorists change the way we live. Otherwise, they will have succeeded. In some ways, the resilience of life in New York City is the ultimate sign of defiance to terrorists.”

Designs by JAM (me), for sale

Sometimes, when catastrophes happen, is better to continue with our ordinary labors. Keep doing what it is expected, as a regular day; and reaching a higher help in another way. Lets take, for instance, the example when children are being bullied at school. Even when the kid could still return to the same activities, moms and dads can reach other parents, or teachers. A solution must be found and Church or praying may not be the adequate solution to everything.


Our Children Will Never Know the Innocence We Knew
Sept. 11 changed us.
By CHARLES M. BLOW, September 8, 2021

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Salmon, a martyr fish 🐠

The Biden administration on Thursday took the first steps that would allow it to begin the process of protecting Alaska’s pristine Bristol Bay, one of the world’s most valuable sockeye salmon fisheries. Salmons are those fierce fishes that climb against river’s currents, skipping predators like bears crossing their paths.

Designs by JAM (me), for sale

In spiritual terms, what is the reward of such risks, not only to swim up the river, but also jumping outside while shaking its fins. Salmons may be the fish martyrs, who after days of efforts and struggling, finally reach their destination. Their goal won’t be that nice, as it is our heaven, but still a jewel.


Biden Administration Moves to Protect Alaska’s Bristol Bay
The bay, home to a key sockeye salmon fishery, sits atop a massive gold and copper deposit, pitting environmentalists against mining companies.
By LISA FRIEDMAN, Sept. 9, 2021

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Olympic gymnastics as squirrels 🐿

Olympic gymnasts stun the world with their performances on the uneven bars. Fortunately they don’t have to compete with squirrels. Suppose instead of the uneven bars, human gymnasts had to fly through the canopies of trees, leaping gaps of varying distances, from branches of varying thicknesses, some stiff, some springy.

Designs by JAM (me), for sale

Not everybody born with abilities as squirrels did. For such dexterity we will need to go to the gym. Training is not the difficult part, but to be constant on it. To return the next day, with the same enthusiasm. Thanks to God, we have a next day to do exercise or to be free. Not everybody have a next day. And for sure, one day we won’t have it, ourselves. Are we prepared?


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Male role 👨🏻

One hundred fifty years ago, a woman named Myra Bradwell brought a Supreme Court case claiming a constitutional right to be admitted to the Illinois bar. She had passed the state’s bar exam with high honors, but the Illinois Supreme Court refused her application, saying that when the State Legislature gave the court the power to grant law licenses, “it was with not the slightest expectation that this privilege would be extended to women.”

Designs by JAM (me), for sale

Church has also, not a favoritism, but established a role for man as the family´s head. Dads should take relevant decisions such as where to live, how many children would compose the family, and so on. They should provide an income, preferably a stable one; and this duty alone, will take them 8/5 (8 hours per day, 5 days a week) on the average. I don’t think this imposed role for dads as heads have damaged our societies; on the contrary, families continue to succeed even in this pandemic times.


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Coated Emissions, a Darker Future for NFTs? 🏭

In June 1988 a NASA scientist, Dr. James Hansen, appeared on a very hot day in Washington and told a group of powerful senators that a grim future lay ahead. Carbon emissions, he said, had raised average global temperatures to the highest levels in recorded human history, bringing heat waves, droughts and other disruptions to people’s lives. 

That same year a collection of scientists assembled by the United Nations — known as the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change — delivered much the same message, warning pointedly of rising seas and threats to biodiversity. Four years later, world leaders meeting in Rio de Janeiro signed a landmark agreement to stabilize “greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere at a level that would prevent dangerous anthropogenic interference with the climate system.”

A clean order we find in nature. Besides traffic and industrial pollution, beauty and intelligence abide in our world. We have to defend this ambient from elements of distortion. I was first enthusiastic when told about NFTs, further publishing a post and inviting people. But when getting to know its environmental effects, I turned to other ways of income. Damaging the environment is a serious issue to me. I prefer to do sacrifices in order to leave a working planet to our babies and toddlers. So I did further research (in my laptop, I am blessed with many confort and can also chose between ways of income).

Ethereum and Bitcoin are computer-ecosystems that use the Proof of Work algorithm, turning them to be inefficient. They produce large carbon emissions, which can harm the environment. And we only have one Earth, so we better take care of it. Fortunately scientists have come with happy alternatives: there are different blockchains like Polkadot and Polygon to register our NFTs. Among these, I prefer Algorand, which uses a Pure Proof of Stake algorithm, and which will be adopted by El Salvador government. These are examples of my digital art, I have listed at algogems.io as @jampaintings:


No, CryptoArtists Aren’t Harming the Planet
Clarifying a big misunderstanding about the ecological impact of NFTs–and what we’re doing to make SuperRare more sustainable

Acknowledged site

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How the Cat Gets Its Stripes: It’s Genetics 🐈

Folklore is full of stories about the coat patterns of cats: How the tiger got its stripes. How the leopard got its spots. And scientists ask the same questions, although not necessarily about large predators. The research may focus instead on something like the mackerel tabby pattern in domestic shorthairs. The answer is straightforward: genetic code.

Designs by JAM (me), for sale

Interdisciplinary aspects are connected when dealing with coating in different colors. Stripes in species produce a camouflage suited for predators. Many sport cars are named after felines like cougar, jaguar, just to name a few. Tones combined with highlights may look appealing to other species, or to the human eye. Dogs attention may be grabbed by their stripes. All these considerations must be orchestrated by Higher Wisdom, our Creator. He impress us each time with creative solutions.


How the Cat Gets Its Stripes: It’s Genetics,
Not a Folk Tale. Researchers took a deep dive into embryonic development to tease out the source of the tabby pattern in cats.
By JAMES GORMAN, Sept. 7, 2021

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Birthday Present: A Covid Vaccine 💉

Turning 12 has taken on added significance this summer, as teens line up for shots allowing them to see friends and play sports again. At least 52 percent of children ages 12 through 17 in the United States have received at least one dose of a vaccine, and about 40 percent are fully vaccinated, according to early September data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Thinking in all the changes we have passed through in this pandemic, it is relevant to point that Catholic Church is also changing. Reforms are necessary with the pass of time, as we adapt to modernity. Nobody knows what will happen next. The one thing I see is that we will save the heart of the gospel, if we get to think correctly. We will be a better society and of course, a society that integrates religion, since it is of top relevance when being human.


The Best Birthday Present in 2021? A Covid Vaccine.
Turning 12 has taken on added significance this summer, as tweens line up for shots allowing them to see friends and play sports again.
By EMMA GOLDBERG, Sept. 5, 2021


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Where L.G.B.T.Q. find shelter 🏳‍🌈

“Casa”, which opened in February 2019, is one of a handful of Tijuana shelters catering to a group that includes trans women, gay men and mothers traveling alone with children — among the most vulnerable and endangered refugee populations, according to a 2017 Amnesty International Report

I like our pope approach to these issues. (At the time of this writing, his name is Francisco I, or Francis.). His posture starts by remembering our human partticipation in the first place. Being humans, most of us care about others, our brothers, to say it this way. Pope is human too, not to dictate or punish parishioners, but to turn to God, who is the one capable of mitigating these scenarios.


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Working “996” 💰

In China this April, a 31-year-old former factory worker named Luo Huazhong drew the curtains and crawled into bed. Then he posted a picture of himself there to the Chinese website Baidu along with a message: “Lying Flat Is Justice.”

By June, American news outlets were describing the “lying flat” trend as a natural consequence of China’s hypercompetitive middle-class culture, where employees often report working “996” weeks — 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., six days a week — a lifestyle praised by the founder of the online shopping giant Alibaba, Jack Ma, and other captains of commerce.

Not only work can be a false idol, but many other desires too. Having a perfect body is a good example, or acquiring a bigger house. Goals we constantly seek can be compared to the golden statues of Scriptures. It takes integrity to revise these false idols, but at the end we prefer to have done it. Or at least I do 😁


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Toddlers Spread Virus More Easily Than Teens 👦🏻

A study published in the journal JAMA Pediatric, demonstrates that very young children also participate in the contagious chain. Actually they result more dangerous than teenagers.

Photo by Dominika Roseclay on Pexels.com

The number of communication with different people is much greater in toddlers than in babies. Toddlers can walk to places, grabbing objects that could be infected. Toddlers can talk to strangers, having too much more contact with other people.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

As I was thinking yesterday, we may babies when compared to god. It is a beautiful age when they can freely walk through the garden. We may prowl around the house of God, which will be the world; first by crawling, like babies, then walking as toddlers. God’s mansion is a titanic Eden, with immense amounts of species, each one with different colors and behaviors. Some animals can walk (in 4 paws), others swim, or even fly. Each one with different strategies for feeding, hunting, resting, and so on. These fresh variety turns our minds to the Creator.

We can find immense variety in many things. For example in transportation. We use to move in cars. There is also a public service like buses and subways. For long distances there are airplanes. To exercise we walk, or jump to a bicycle. And there are more rare options like boats. yachts , submarines, motorcycles, one wheel self balancing scooters, skateboards, paragliders, skies, kayaks, surf tables, cable cars, (not bumper cars hahaha). Disabled ones can use chair wheels or prothesis depending the case. Thanks God for a great Universe!

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Work Out and Chill? 🤸🏻‍♂️

I like chilling around in places. I will eventually learn how to work out while chilling, something I have always wanted. Cool temperature workouts may be the answer for those who want to exercise without swimming in sweaty clothes.

Gyms are not the place to do nothing. Do Catholics think results come from work, like in gyms? There is a debate on this. I usually find myself in extra efforts even when not intended; even if extra-efforts does not guarantee a gain. Catholics of history won’t deny work (and maybe neither working out). Saint Paul (almost an apostle) used to work at night, so as to serve during the day. Saint Joseph, patron of workers, was a carpenter. No to say Jesus -who followed his example- and who in many issues held a distinct opinion. Work and working out or chill and do nothing, will always be debatable.


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Superfast Train 🚄

Nowadays, we built a maglev bullet train that can reach speeds of 600 kilometers per hour (373 miles per hour). It made its debut in Qingdao, China, by the state-owned China Railway Rolling Stock Corporation. It’s considered the world’s fastest train.

What would be the fastest way to go to heaven? Through the Virgin Mary, definitely. Or following a saint, throw a group or congregation. This is like going in a superfast highway. Everybody there is heading towards the same direction. Also, the Eucharistic, Confession, of course Baptism, there are many ways 🙂

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BTW, I used to like Runaway Train from, Soul Asylum, now a classic.

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Learning to Love G.M.O.s 🍎

Fears have turned people against genetically modified food. But benefits are great, Kahn wrote, for the NY Times.

The difficulty is to predict the results of each genetical modification. Many years have to pass to be able to measure their consequences. Developing tests take time, depending on the kind of food. And of course, there have to be enough monetary outcome since the required investment is much.

Photo by Lulo on Pexels.com

Once grown, what if the GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) behave different than expected? 💡 This is similar as the creation: God made us and gave us freedom. We can take our own choices, whether good or bad, only God can tell. What if we make mistakes, maybe unfixable mistakes??? What if, being confused, we take decisions that later wish to change? Because of God’s love, he sent us his Son, actually Himself in Trinity’s Second Person. He is the one able to fix unrepairable mistakes. There is no impossible for Him, even when it seems the contrary, so keep the faith. I can talk and talk about this and my experiences in hospitals and surgeries, but let us return to GMOs.

There is an opposition, which is completely natural, to this movement. Also it is natural to have fears, because they prevent us from dangers. An intricate knot will result if we keep hiding and hiding fears under the armor, pretending they are not there, with the temporal benefit of not seeing them for a while.

Photo by Lulo on Pexels.com

There should be a level of maturity when dealing with this issue and its consequences. Each alteration being done should have a multilateral reason. For instance someone could produce an overwhelming colored fruit, one that sells better. But what if now requires a different weather, or if it is devoured by insects attracted to the new look. As I said above, consequences can be unpredictable. Like when they forced salt to be perfectly white, which seemed pure at that time; and now salt is listed under the 7 white food demons. White is an utopic color, did you know it is the mandatory color to play tennis at Wimbledon?


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Feeding Antibodies 🍼

Yes, vaccinated mothers are trying to give to their babies antibodies via breast milk… In the first nine months of the pandemic, around 116 million babies were born worldwide, according to UNICEF estimates. This left researchers scrambling to answer a critical question: Could the virus be transmitted through breast milk? The answer, six researchers agreed, is that newly vaccinated mothers have antibodies generated which can, indeed, be passed through breast milk. Does ‘vaccinated breast milk’ contain antibodies? Yes, study after study shows it does contain antibodies. How exactly these antibodies protect the infant from Covid is not yet clear.

Photo by Keira Burton on Pexels.com

Babies are in a different seat with their recently-born condition. Most adults had tagged episodes as pleasurable, fun, fast, easy, and so on… but babies haven’t done so: they are blank pages waiting to be written. They seem creative, which they are, but mostly they are new, SO new that ordinary things can be their first time, therefore having a fresh panorama.

Babies surprise me with unpredictable actions, like grabbing their toes with his fingers, or looking a dog as a weird animal. Even when crying, their sound seems beautiful to their mothers. Pretending to be a baby is not so easy though. We can try to be amazed by the rainbow, but we will look strange staring for minutes at a raining cloud 😊 hahaha

BTW I am selling the kids clothes I designed:

There is still the question: why do babies receive baptism even when are not jet responsible ❓❓ Now that I think of it, we may be babies compared to God. There should be a formal reason to this question, and here is a discussion about it. Anyway, what a bless it is to be baptized at an early age, actually. One can enjoy of the benefits of being saved since very young. One can expect heaven, for instance: a blessed life for eternity, for free! just by behaving okay.

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Pancakes In Heaven🍝

Every morning I come to the kitchen asking myself what to eat. The immediate answer of my stomach is evident: pancakes. There is a point at which pancakes become closer to dessert than breakfast, or perhaps they become an excuse for substituting one for the other.

A rich pancake, like those often served in Sweden, takes the paladar to a landscape, boosting the proportion of eggs, butter and sugar. The Swedes use a special pan for these plattar, as they are called, so that they are all the same size, which is smaller than American pancakes. The pancakes are so rich and delicious that they can be served with nothing more than a dusting of confectioners’ sugar. You can serve them with lingonberry (as usual), or other tart preserves (cranberry sauce is great), or even a little lemon juice. Yogurt or sour cream also complement the breakfast, as do any sweet jam or a celestial whipped cream.

Photo by Ash on Pexels.com

One of the reasons I want to go to heaven is to eat pancakes everyday, haha. This may sound banal, but the more I reflect on it, the most I agree: my desire is authentic, and therefore legal. And they should serve the best pancakes in heaven😋. Not anymore I will hide this desire for pancakes in the mornings. How much would it cost to make it happen? Is it to much $15 daily for God? According to Catholics, everything is possible to God…

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

It is nice to be able to cook even in this cold isolation. Whatever is the emphasis, the most common restriction is to wear a mask. Superiors could impose rules on external aspects but will never stop our interior life-s. 😋

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I cry on Tuesdays and Fridays 😭

Michelle Pasos, 46, describes herself as someone who has “always been extremely healthy.” That is until the pandemic (😷😷 this sounds familiar). She ended up in the emergency room because she had a bad reaction to a drug prescribed to bring down her elevated blood pressure. And being there decided she was better than doing housekeeping. So when the hospital gave her the option of going home and monitoring herself, or staying an extra night, she chose to stay. It was the first time she had felt calm in a year.

Raising kids can be exhausting. They run from one place to the other, when toddlers, followed by an adult, for safeness. Later on, when kids, they have to be kept entertained with fun activities to do, or at least an educational TV show to watch. BTW, I made this apparel for children, out of my painting “3 moons”, acrylic on canvas:

Kids bring great joy to families. They contribute with new things and happy moments. Husbands feel grateful to be part of a lucky group, the family. Actually this is the center of the church’s pastoral. Pastoral is built on them starting with the sacred family, the simplest group of 3 members (Jesus, Mary and Joseph). Not only in the Church, families are important in many cultures too, like in Latino’s. The role of the grand parent, for example, is important for most children in these cultures.

Families had resisted these times’ shakes. The pandemic may be tough, but good moments can still be found. It is actually a bless that Michelle used to cry on Tuesdays and Fridays (as explained) and not everyday like in Yemen. I wish Covid vaccines were also provided to kids in all countries, (they are not jet legal in my place). We will eventually find a cure, or solve it somehow 😙

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I Cry on Tuesdays and Fridays
Moms are still primal screaming their hearts out
By Jessica Grose, The NYT Parenting Newsletter, March 24, 2021.

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Digital Painting a Croissant 🥐

Many people ask me, what is Digital painting? It is like regular painting but in the computer, using a special software for this purpose. I like to view it as regular cooking: placing nice colors, one after the other. As simple as that, to select tones that combine in interesting ways is like making food: finding new flavors, heat them to the point, smell the ingredients. Also consider other factors like diet, health, wellbeing; and synchronizing them with proper drinks, time of the day… even the weather and clothing. It is an art, like Digital Painting.

If you think that painting is difficult, directing someone towards a prosperous future✝✝ is even harder. What is a prosperous future anyway? Everybody has different ideas about it. It could be to be rich, or being happy, or both. Health will be the first step, I guess. It will be a good idea to also deal with concepts not tangible, like freedom, or justice. What is the value of being able to walk, for example? Churches try to give faithful spiritual answers that provide guidance. What a magnificent labor this is, considering the complexity of the task! It should be a puzzle to give concrete answers in an open world: a modern world with too many opinions and preferences. Catholic Church has flaws, who doesn’t, but it have done much contributions to development, like the written music monks invented, we should give it a chance…