Distant Home

I really had a great time while doing this artwork. Its horizontal format, twice wide as tall, shows a relaxed landscape with a minimalistic home in the center, done in acrylic, oil and pastels. I started with brushstrokes for the country, however sky’s embellishments were done with a roller. Because I painted it in a professional canvas, it is lightweight and ready to go. Edges are painted too, so there is no need to frame it (although it can be done anyway). It can be hanged by a nail at the middle, or two of them horizontally aligned. Damar barnish had been applied, to protect it from dust. Artwork is signed, and a Certificate of Authenticity is provided. Below are examples of displaying it (size could be shifted in these images):

This artwork is available for $875.
Shipping is included.
Ordering is done through our online store here. Please redirect me.

Photo by Nashi Dasgupta at unsplash.com
Photo by Andrea Davis at unsplash.com

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