Family into the Sea

 This is a mid to large size canvas painting done in oil. In this interpretation of reality, a whole family jumps into the sea, including two parents, and both children. I had a good time while making it, with brushwork in the lower part and spatula in the higher. You can see some scraping, or scratching in the sky, as well as the blue background layer. Because I painted it in a canvas, it is lightweight. Edges are painted too, so there is no need to frame it (although it can be done as well). It can be hanged by a nail at the middle, or two of them horizontally aligned. Damar barnish had been applied, to protect it from dust. Artwork is signed, and a Certificate of Authenticity is provided.

Artist JAM
Acrylic on Canvas
23.6 W X 31.5 H X 1.6 D in

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