JAM – Artist Bio

JAM is a professional artist, native Spanish speaker, computer scientist who paints mostly in acrylics, and digital. His brain surgeries didn’t refrain him from making what he loves.

Artistically unpredictable, after graduating from Computer Science, he chose Art for living.

Already a painter, an 8hr brain surgery left him in bed, with no equilibrium, he lost some memory and his drawing skills.

In those early artistic days, he converted his studio in a gallery, and threw some expositions, inviting everyone he knew.

His tumor grew again, and had to be extracted completely, this time in a 16hr brain surgery. He had to learn to walk again.

He wrote his memories in his “Journal of a laying man” -which will be translated to English.

Writing is his second art, he had already published his poems book “Palabras Ligeras”, being nephew of the world renown 2016 Cervantes price owner Fernando del Paso.

In his previous youth, in college, he appeared publicly as a keyboardist in a Reggae band named “El Mito”.

When he recovered, he mastered painting and taught classes.

He decided to go public and created his website: jampaintings.com

With the pandemic, he made some videos at his YouTube channel, and cartooning tutorials at Skillshare.com

Settled up an online gallery at Saatchiart.com

Made products out of his acrylic paintings for his online store on RedBubble.com

Sell NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens), as a way to provide secure certificates of authenticity, in the blockchain.

…time keeps going, and we still expect

(JAM are his initials,
as his name is Jose Alfonso Martinez)