Creating an NFT Tutorial

This guide is for beginners, step by step with images; using metamask in, both widely known in crypto. Each of these steps is detailed below:

  • Create a Wallet in
  • Connect it to
  • Make a new collection of NFTs
  • Upload your NFT

My computer is in Spanish, as the screenshots, but the procedure is the same:

Creating a wallet in

  • 1. Open Click Download Now
  • 2. Install
  • 3. Add to chrome.
  • 4. Click Start
  • 5. Click Create a New Wallet (create a password and follow the steps)

Connect your wallet to

  • 6. Go to
  • 7. Click in the little person icon at the top right
  • 8. Go to Profile
  • 9 If required, enter your password from step 5
  • 10. Sign in Metamask’s pop up window. Click Next. Click Connect

Great! You have connected your wallet to your created account in opensea. 

Create a new Collection of NFTs at opensea

  • 11. On go to My Collections (click in the little person icon at the top right)
  • 12. Click on Create a Collection
  • 13. Click “Sign” on metamask’s instantly opened window
  • 14. Add a logo (featured and banner images are optional)
  • 15. Fill data like the name, URL, description… The Percentage Fee is the amount you are going to receive on subsequent sales
  • 16. The most common Blockchain is Ethereum (or you can choose other)
  • 17. The usual Payment tokens are ETH
  • 18. Click Create

Ready! Now create an NFT

Upload your NFT

  • 19. On the same, click Create
  • 20. Add your art, and name it (external link and description are optional)
  • 21. If not done by default, select the collection you just created
  • 22. You can add properties, levels and stats, or leave them blank; as well as the unlockable content and explicit & sensitive content set to No or as appropriate.
  • 23. Supply number will be 1 (or click for more information). 
  • 24. Blockchain is Ethereum (Algorand is not jet supported)
  • 25. Click Create

God Job! You have created your NFT!