Chewbacca’s Grizzly Skin 🐻

Grizzly bears move across landscapes as many people do: favoring flat paths and gentle speeds. According to a New York Time’s study, its animal behavior helps them to save energy and could be compared to human’s.

Once I painted a journal entry about it. In Spanish, the meaning of the word “Merodea” is similar to a bear’s walking:

“Just Prowl” in my Art Journal

I am always impressed by the hair-ly skin of this mammals. They have hair throughout the entire body with bald spots almost nonexistent. Instantly we can remember Chewbaca from Starwars. What would it feel to be clothed with hair all around the body? Would I feel cold in a hairly skin? Would mosquitos bite? like Chewbaca, or like this panda bear:

There are many things to consider when having hair in the face. Remember that we evolved from monkeys, which also have a lot of hair… ✝✝✝Concerning us, humans, if we are intending a better life, I mean: as Catholics, and it is expected for us to move as bears do, in a slow rhythm pace, from one side to the other, and interrupting our itinerary to smell the ground… Being like this –and it is perfectly okay to be slow and distracted– how could we pretend a better life? how are we aiming for higher goals? Is there a way to eventually reach heaven? For us is impossible, for God it isn’t.

We would require entire pages to talk about the many things that appear difficult, and are just unusual. For example, when I started storing not-useful stuff just for fun. Also, talking about bears, everything seems slow and heavy. Let us do predictable actions like them. And if we have the chance, why not keeping the best slice of the cake.


What Bears Can Teach Us About Our Exercise Habits,
Scientists have found that grizzlies, like people, seem to choose the path of least resistance.
New York Times By GRETCHEN REYNOLDS. Abr 7, 2021

Guatemala immigrant’s dream 🏃🏻‍♂️

They left behind homes and families toward an uncertain future crossing the border. Unfortunately, their 13 bodies (of migrants from Comitancillo, Guatemala) were found dead in the back of a pickup truck in Tamaulipas, Mexico 😔 . “It was the worst case so far”, Ms. Aguilón said 👮🏻‍♀️ and hopefully won’t repeat.

Conditions are not always the better. For many migrants who leave Central America, like those from the municipality of Comitancillo, the goal is to reach the United States, find work, save some money and send some back home.

Today I am enjoying coffee in a palm-tree cup I made myself. It turn out a nice invention. This is a new different activity –to enter the sales world– with no other purpose than designing and hopefully finding a buyer:

Like in the case of migrants, not everyday the best situations happen, not to mention the difficulties of crossing the border. Life is not perfect. There are good moments, and bad ones. As an artist. I tried to express the hard-times-feeling in this artwork:

Most of this matters are minor issues compared to the important responsibilities of embracing Catholic faith. We are limited, with a limited time on earth. So let us consider a correct scope. As Carl Sagan said, we are just pale blue dots in the universe1.

In every journey in this world–in or outside the frontier– risks abound. Like those marabouts that teach in Senegal👨🏻‍🏫, not everything is pink and purple as in infant unicorn tales 🦄.


1 The pale blue dot, Carl Sagan (youTube video) I get 30% commission

65% commission