Is Buddhist Enlightment a valid goal?

Enlightment is a concept, a Buddhist idea or goal that works in theory: a desired perfect state of mind, which in practice becomes not so simple. For years as a practitioner, I tried every day to attain enlightment. I was rewarded with moments of peace, just moments.

As the practitioner I was, now that I have seen both parts, the Buddhist and the Catholic; I think different now. The correct approach to get this desired satisfaction, instead of training the mind through meditation, would be to take care of others, by charity. This is a different approach, so extremely different that it may seem aimed toward a different goal. But it is practically the same the goal, at least in what is possible to attain: to live in a better state of well-being, something similar as heaven.

What for do you want a perfectly silent mind? Is it possible to attain peace of mind with our present world? Is meditation the right way to go for it, or is it by helping others?