Why I chose Catholicism instead of Christianism❓

Why Catholicism instead of other Christian churches? Mainly because of the palpable presence of Christ in the sacraments, especially in the Eucharist and Reconciliation. Its beauty is objective and and verifiable by anyone. I invite you to a public adorations of the Blessed Sacrament, so that you can see for yourself the cleanliness and freedom that comes from contemplation.

A more intelectual explanation is to consider its structure. Catholic Mass consists of two parts, the human part with readings and prayers, and second part on God’s action. What really matters is the second. The same goes for confession. One part is the human, so a human priest has to give you absolution; but the true work is done by God, who forgives sinners. So, if someone from another language enters the confessional, as could happen in Medjugorje; even if the priest doesn’t understand the language, or if he doesn’t really understand the sinner’s behavior; when he confesses, sins are forgiven. This cannot be subjective, in fact I feel good after each confession, and after communions. This is lacking in other Churches; and cannot be substituted by reading the scripture. I encourage you to believe in the sacraments πŸ™‚

Catholicism can have flaws, who doesn’t. But it have prevailed for centuries, don’t you think this is sustained by God?


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One true Church

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How do we know Catholicism is the true religion?

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