12 EcoNFTs in the Algorand Ecosystem

As a Digital Artist, I am always moving from start to finish, or from finish to start, now making NFTs…. constantly having creations ready to include in the library, not to say list in auctions. Following are my latest artworks, and I will be uploading more, so to keep you up to date. Most of these NFTs were safely stored in the Algorand blockchain, so they will remain a trading property forever. They can be owned with the Algo Cryptocurrency, as well as sold or transferred. As an ecology lover artist, I point out that this Blockchain, Algorand, uses the PPoS algorithm, or in simple words, a working mechanism friendly to the environment. Carbon emissions in our case are low compared to other blockchains. Enjoy them, as white label NFTs!

One of my favorite desserts in French’s cuisine, specially for breakfasts, is the fabulous Croissant. This tasty pastry, or bread, can have a delicious smell like baked gardens. I chose rose and green to depict a smell, or how would you do it?

Pass Me The Croissant

Lets throw anything to the beast inside. Because stomachs can handle any kind of food, thrown at random order, at any rhythm and speed.

Food stomatch

Whatever a panda is up to, in its journey through the forest, is a mystery. Its way of thinking, maybe in chinesse, or in bears language, will always be a question mark ⁉

The mind of a Panda

While changing shoes, after a gym session, many of dilemmas pass through his mind. The text background cloud represents his endlessly thinking blockchain.

After working out

Finding a undiscoverable hiding place, is a must when crossing the frontier! Discovering an immigrant without a passport or documents is as easy as catching a baseball in an open field.

Immigration Catch

I remember this shoe-banging from my mom. However this is about Russian Premier Khrushchev banged his shoe on a desk of the United Nations (this happened around 60 years ago)

Banged Flip Flop

G.M.O. Glasses

Corns can jump to life when taking them into art. Here, in a fashion of colored dots, a cob wears glasses. It looks happy, actually smiles, as would do a scarecrow.

Runaway Train

Crossing the sound speed barrier is a reality in modern trains. Birds have to fly away fast, as to not be smashed and run over by the train.

Vaccine Ready

Finally we got an encounter with the real antidote, the actual substance manufactured in laboratories. A bar-code hides the liquid substance holding the cure

One of Those Days

Not every day is the perfect one. Situations happen when one prefers to runaway or to not witness anything. Unlike most of my work, this is a moving video clip, with sound and effects, frozen in the Ethereum Blockchain.

I cry on Tuesdays and Fridays

This pandemic hasn’t been easy for no one. Almost nobody likes it, anyway we have to support each other, taking care of those near us. Sometimes, it is okay to cry -inspired on a post of The New York Times.


Sweden’s Pancake

Honey and waves of syrup were redeem in this pancake. A butter squared top embelish the platillo. This NFT was also inspired by a post in The New York Times.

I have many more NFTs. You can follow me on twitter as @JoseDelPaso or @NFTGiveAways3 since, I continuously do giveaways. You can trade them simply, in a matter of seconds, and get easy profits in the growing white-label NFT market βœ‹πŸ»

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