Pope Francis’ Encyclical 🖊

Coincidences happen, sometimes. Pope Francis said in his prosperous encyclical Fratelli Tutti: “the sense of belonging to a single human family is fading”. During Pope’s stance in Iraq, what a coincidence, we were also traveling! Ourselves visiting Riviera Mayan’s gorgeous beaches, home of sailors and fishers. He is right: nowadays there is this trending notion of “every man for himself”, and this pandemic make us realize “we are all sailors of the same boat”.

Kiwi Blessings painting…

We should care of others a little bit more, and not just care about work, work, and more work (which is painting, for an artist like me).

For example, I am two brushstrokes away of finishing my “Kiwi blessings” painting (see img above), a scene composed with a kiwi. I won’t name it in this way, instead I’ll go for something like “horizontal bars”. Also, I already exhibit my sailfish painting, being a total success:

But as I was saying, from the religious point of view, there are more important things than showing personal canvases. Being happy is one of these things, and is mandatory in our pandemic days. It is just a matter of making room for positive thinking: love, family, fraternity and so on 😍.

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