Sponge’s skeleton ☠

At the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, cylindrical clusters of sponge jut upward like skyscrapers in the deep sea. The sponge’s glass skeleton is certainly a feat of architecture, comprising a geometric latticework that gives the sponge the illusion of being wrapped in lace. Yet it is enduringly sturdy, able to stay rooted in the sea floor and weather currents without snapping or splintering. Such structural superpowers leave many scientists eager to unravel whatever secrets this crystalline sponge contains

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Sponges like this are the home of different ecosystems. Recently, we have been more conscient about the importance of having a home, specially with this pandemic. As Catholics, we pretend to defend life which is frugal and subtle, starting from the smallest group: the family. Family has proven to be robust and adaptable to ever changing scenarios, suited to raise children, protecting them from the amenities, false idols, and distractions of the outer world. Lets provide our kids with a proper environment for growing. πŸ‘πŸ»


A Swirling Vortex Is No Match for This Deep-Sea Sponge
A new paper finds a glass sponge has the power to eliminate destructive vortices that are created when fluid moves around a blunt object.

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