Why I think you should Baptize your baby bornes?

Baptism is the greatest gift I have received because it opened for me the door to heaven. The door to a place that is eternal, an eternal bless that is more that I could ever aspire. Who knows if working my whole life could grant me a bit of heaven…

I feel thankful for this blessing and wish to share it to babies. Because they, being not able to discern by themselves, have the right to be educated. Their parents may want to transmit the most valuable to their children, opening the door to this full-time happiness.

Catholicism is also cross; so later in life, when being able to chose by themselves, they will freely decide their path. They already started with the right foot, and a choice will be required. There are plenty of offerings -either spiritual or not spiritual- out there; so when the time comes, they will have to decide. And whatever their decision, God will keep loving them. Life will go on: the Sun will keep shining, and they will be still breathing πŸ€ͺ.