Clean Energy Projects Surge After Climate Bill Passage

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A new ocean of opportunities arise and we see His open magnificence, His intelligence that prevented. It is clearer, we can build our civilization based, instead on petroleum, on green energy. Money and the stock market will be affected too, being part of the game. Electric cars will move us, solar panels will heat our water… It would be nice if we have known it before, we could have done much good to the environment. Too much “bla bla bla”, it is time to fix it, our Earth is still alive! God is on our side, and life goes on…

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Sushi bar reservation 🍣

Try to get a reservation at one of Manhattan’s luxury sushi bars and you’d never guess that the restaurant business is struggling. As I write this, you need to wait a week to experience one of Shion Uino’s $420 omakase meals at 69 Leonard StreetMasa, where lunch and dinner are now $800 a person, is almost fully booked for the next two weeks. At Sushi Noz, spots at both the counter of buffed hinoki wood, where dinner is $400, and the secondary bar made of ash, where it costs $225, are all but sold out for the next month.

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This is our lucky road to heaven: our stance in Earth for the meanwhile, in which to select our favorite food, again, for the meanwhile. We live in this vast Eden of variety; with certain amount of time left, and having freedom available. Thanks to God for all those things and also for our intelligence, to discern how to play ones cards like in poker.


A Sushi Hideaway Where There’s Always Something New to Taste
A meal at Nakaji might start with icefish and end with watermelon. Then, if you can afford it, try a $300 shot of whiskey.
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