America vs China, quick politics πŸ–‹

Recent meetings between the Americans and Chinese seemed like when Khrushchev (URSS Premier from the past) banged his shoe on a desk of the United Nations (this happened around 60 years ago).

Nothing good can be obtained from United States and China meetings, if we were politicians, other than a forced hand shake, an unintended smile, a pair of brilliant shoes,

  • a couple of free headphones for life translations
  • 1 or 2 new Chinese words that we learned…
  • a reporter’s picture for the press
  • a queen size bed in a many-stars hotel
  • the security eyes of a bunch of bodyguards
  • a new tie that we bought for the occasion (or even a whole suit)

Actually plenty of blessings can be seen with the right focus 😎. This apparently dark scenario resembles me as our Julian creature that we invented as teenagers . We ended up laughing too 😁 I get 30% commission

Poker and freedom πŸƒ

Pocker is a common card game casinos have. The fun of it, even when money is not involved, is not knowing the incoming cards. In the game called “closed pocker”, players sit without revealing each other’s cards, and betting surprising amounts. Cards show up in this acrylic painting by JAM (me):

Freedom is what I like most of this game. On a nice run, you can do forecasts and insights, with the freedom of raising a bet or letting it pass (this kind of freedom you get in your birthday parties, like the one in which we invented the Julian tale)

Freedom is what the creator made as a gift, to humans. Using freedom, we can do great things, and also fall into insanity. Sometimes it is even fun to make mistakes. Most of the times we have the chance of turning around and fix what we broke. A simple change of attitude could be enough, we don’t need to go to church to compensate, depends on the case.

This painting I showed above, turned out to be coasters for drinks, in my online store. It took me time to create, but it was worth:

At the end of the poker game, you will see reality: whether you have played correctly; if you betted properly, and how lucky were you πŸ‘πŸ». I get 30% commission

A Repeated Julian Pattern πŸ§›πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

A recurring scene was going on in our teenagers psiques. Whenever a repeating pattern was heard, one of us would go: “do you hear that noise? Julian is coming…”. Then we freekened “run, carry the kids”. HAHAHA active minds we had back then, and we will continue having… who knows what’s going to happen next.

Julian was an imaginary monster we invented.

And “protecting sons” was an exotic scenario for us, being teenagersπŸ‘¦. Now we have real dangers as adults. (Like this eagle, in this YouTube clip, that tried to carry a baby as food). Previously I made a painting, about a bird that grab grapes, and later decided to remake most of it, (a link to this painting is under construction)…. Have a nice day today, because who knows what it is going to happen tomorrow. I get 30% commission

65% commission