Israel and Palestinian 2021 elections 👍

Israelis and Palestinians will have almost simultaneous elections. Even with similar timing, their moods are very different. Palestinians haven’t had elections in decades, while Israelis had one, months ago. Isn’t it ironic? (Alanis Morissette would say),
Elections are about freedom, freedom to chose who governs (this is an unrelated post about Poker and freedom). Every person, –like this father who chased sports-,can decide what to do with their own liberty😎. I get 30% commission

Pandemic Isolation 🦠

Isolation can be a dangerous couch to sit, specially in these closed pandemics. There’s a phrase the military call ‘going inside,’ it means getting inside your own head. “Sometimes, when you’re in isolation, you go inside and you kind of get lost in your own thoughts, without the forced interaction.”, this could happen to normal people, and also to bloggers or internet users who keep in touch with cybernetics.
Being concealed turned out to be the punishment criminals get in jail. Their landscapes are reduced to three walls, and their friends to the same repeated company, day after day. They cannot go out, anytime, anywhere, unlike free birds🐤
I prefer the blue shade of liberty. There are many other benefits, in my HO (read my unrelated post “the best side of the cake”). However not everybody agrees on this. To my surprise, some prefer free food and not working, than the usual citizen obligations. Have a nice day and a glass of water. I get 30% commission