With His 62nd Home Run, Aaron Judge Stands Alone in A.L.

It is always fun, to write down of the number of Home Runs each player scores in the season. The most important Home Run I made, was in a trip to Europe, then I converted to Catholicism. It was a Home Run because of the life-change decisions I took. It wasn’t a matter of virtue, or me achieving goals in a devastating effort. It was just caused by luck. I was lucky going to Bosnia and Herzegovina, and in Medjugorje found the path I was looking for. That was a full house Home Run. The whole stadium stand up, my inner stadium… ha ha ha, at least in my imagination 🀩

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Luck in a workout β›ΉπŸ»β€β™€οΈ

Doing a 7-Minute Workout seemed a safe routine. Then she wrote: “But my liftoff was misaligned, so that coming down I glanced off the edge of my step stool and hit the floor with my full weight on the side of my left foot.


After lying on my back for a few minutes, panting through self-recrimination and the bright crush of pain, I crawled to the phone and called my husband.”… she has got an injury. 

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Surgeries can have long term consequences. An earthquake, or even a pandemic can show us that life changes in just a second. When I was a child in a Catholic school, the nuns never tired of telling us how lucky we were. Now I see it, we have free time to head ourselves to better places. We (Catholics) believe in Life Everlasting, in our given resurrection; this is what I mean by “better places”. Think of it as a new hope we have, attainable by loving people and God. Loving people means taking care of them by real actions. What else could we do with our free time?


Sometimes the Luck Is in the Fall
The author Ann Patchett finds that misfortune in small doses can cast a glittering light on the rest of life.

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