3 moons? πŸŒ™πŸŒ™πŸŒ™

It will be strange to find three moons in the sky: for example, to talk about todays full moon, an receive a weird response: “which one?”. If I were living in a bizarre world like this, I would prefer its moons to be of different sizes: a small, medium and big one. But in this painting, moon sizes are the same. The same exact diameters, with different craters in the interior.

I have always liked those intergalactic holes in this cheddar. Maybe a Roquefort cheese or an European kind of cheese. ΒΏDo you know how holes of delicious cheeses are formed? It was told that because of bacteria, but there is another belief. When cheese is made in barns using buckets, there is a likelihood of hay particulates making it into the buckets of collected milk, which then cause holes to form.

Okay, thinking on the Roquefort holes, or moon craters, may be a good way to entertain oneself in this pandemic times. I am sure we can grab a bunch of more inspiring info, and at the same time grow an interior life of candid gratitude. As most things, they become minor issues when compared to important faith stuff. We are limited creatures, with a limited time in earth. Let us adopt the correct scope. As Carl Sagan said, we are just a pale blue dot in a cosmic universe.

Anyone can spend their time as desired. Have a nice day πŸ˜‘.

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