Gargantuan wedged ship πŸ›³

The “Ever Given”, a gargantuan container ship 🚒 that had been wedged in the Suez Canal (march 2021) is afloat again. The ship was stranded diagonally across the canal, with its bow stuck deep in the canal’s eastern bank, blocking the traffic. Those titanic proportions made us think we have too much sea-transactions today, too much industrialization and globalization. However, after days of arduous labor, the ship was freed and navigated triumphant. The Egyptian water pass was finally unblocked, and the world’s commerce resumed its course back to normal.

Life followed the same path for me. It retained me in a pacific flow for years, and after my brain surgeries I started thinking differently. I changed. I became a convinced Catholic, and later we got the pandemic. Instead of painting canvases, I now created some youTube videos, Skillshare classes and RedBubble products. I also jumped into the cryptoworld with unique NFTs like this one:

Returning to the ship issue. This painting, using acrylics and then digital, is about the Suez Canal. This unfortunate episode remembered me of our Julian tale we use to imagine as teenagers. Or the “Unbeatable Worm” from our preferred computer videogame. Other jokes abide, like this one a local said for the ocasion: “Why don’t they pull out one of those stocked containers? There could be something good in there. Maybe it could feed the whole town.” 🀟🏻 I get 30% commission

65% commission