Roger Federer’s tribute

“There he was, a surprise, perhaps the biggest of this Wimbledon fortnight: Roger Federer in the flesh Sunday on Centre Court. As always, he looked handsome and freshly pressed. But instead of his tennis whites, Federer wore a trim, dark suit to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Centre Court”. He didn’t play. At eagle speeds, he is recovering from a right knee surgery, hoping to be ready for next year’s edition.

Always referring the name Roger Federer, we point towards elegance. Not only in Wimbledon, (were wearing white is an oficial rule) but in many aspects, and remember that he won 5 Wimbledon’s cups in a row, until Rafael Nadal took his place, in a 5 hours 2008’s final match. There are also other memorable occasions, seen in old-TVs by our parents, grandparents, or why not, by ourselves. Times, like when he appeared as a long haired junior, against Pete Sampras; or when he won his first Wimbledon, in 2003. Anyway, in a regular match or in the final, being elegant is a characteristic of excellence, a behavior esquisite of outstanding cotenants, like him.

Roger Federer said he will return to the court: saying an uncertain “may be” which leave us also a poetic question mark. Like the Jedi, since Luke Skywalker was going to return with the rebels. Same said Jesus, he was supposed to return after going to heaven… With impatience, we have unfruitfully waited more than 2,000 years for His return, which is very little in terms of eternities. It might be just around 30 human lifes, or even less. Hasn’t the planet Earth endured much more millennials? Didn’t the dinosaurs lasted more? or didn’t it took eras for apes to evolve into cro-magnons (and then into humans)? Our little waiting is, therefore, trivial.

Roger Federer, see NFT here

An oval football ๐Ÿˆ

They asked me to stamp my fingertips for a VISA. Many times. I was remembering this when I painted this image (you can see in te picture, fingertips in orange and blue).

Why is the scene raining? I don’t really know: (and if the painter doesn’t know, who does?). Why are plus-signs happening in the upper and lower edges? I don’t know either hahaha.

It have always been strange, for my foreign brown eyes, to see this bouncing oval in the field. The football, the center of the game, is not a perfect circle, why? I Didn’t figured out when I googled it. Instead, I founded that early footballs were made out of animal bladders; and other related info.

Sometimes these circumstances happen to me. Artists can find unexpected results in searches, like the unexpected bounce of these new footballs. This uncertainty, this weird bounce, is what I love about the game of life. For me, being an artist and painter, whenever a vibrant emerald green appears, it talks about unpredictability. You can see it in my painting, in the green football (and also in the right horizontal bars).

I am a routine-predictable-guy. I know routines get interesting with this salt behavior. Because they could transport you to other more fantastic worlds. I get 30% commission

A white tradition (stormtrooper’s color) ๐ŸŽพ

Designing a court surface is a complex task. Sport master systems are designed to provide consistent speed of play, texture, and vibrant color to any facility. 

Among the exceeding professionals, I like S. Williams. She was #1 for years and I was first drawn to her because of her focus on the game. Avoiding the many distractions, I admire her capacity to stay focused on the game. Seems that she concentrates in the moving ball, leaving everything free as it is. I try to copy her attitude in my blue-green days…

Now she scored once and received 15 points, what a bless! Another 15 for the next play. The third time is different, how strange., only 10 points were gained, so she got 15, 30 and then 40. As you know, a tennis match is won point by point, accumulating games and sets. There is no tie, or in case one is approaching, they will break it.

A rule is in Wimbledon to always wear white. English rich people used to play like this. Middle class owners will wear the same color, pretending to look richer in grass courts. But Wimbledon standards are strict (according to R. Federer, who showed up with long hair in 2001). Shoes must be almost entirely white. Large manufacturersโ€™ logos are not encouraged. Also, any visible undergarments should have this stormtrooper color.

Remember the surfaces, preferred differently by each player: US Open is in laykold (not so similar to concrete), Roland Garros is in clay, Wimbledon is played in grass and there is one more championship to win, the far Australia Open. Not all use the white elegant tradition, but still they are fun to watch. Btw, in tennis 0 equals to love, this is how they say. But in real life, does 0 equals love? I get 30% commission